Anarix3 Logistics provide supply chain efficiencies depend upon the efficiency of logistics including transportation and warehousing operations to our customers. Warehouse efficiencies depend upon a combination of warehouse design, layout, infrastructure, systems, process and people.

Anarix3 Logistics design a warehouse and implement the complete project from ground zero, gives the SCM Project Manager a good scope to create a tailor made solution design matching the exact requirement of customers, thereby increase efficiency as well as reduce transactional cost. However, this may not be the case all the time. In an ongoing situation, often SCM managers are forced to take up available facilities and work around the available design and try to get the best results.

Our Warehouse Design element aims to maximize the utility of space, equipment, and efficiency of operations. We briefly cover the various elements of a warehouse design and understand their importance. In basic functional aspects of our warehouse function consists of - Material receipts including unloading, unpacking and inspection, put away and Storage of materials in various categories of storage locations, systems updating, pull materials for dispatch and delivery of materials after processing.

Anarix3 Logistics believe that customer support in every place and in every situation of best warehouse facility.

Our location of a warehouse is ideally be situated on a flat ground. The location is easily approachable and in a area suited for this nature of business. Locations closer to markets and to national highways Public transportation and communication infrastructure also available.

Our layout of the building has designed to accommodate fleet parking and enable containers to drive in and drive out easily so that any time two containers are able to pass through on the path without any interruption. We have enough free space for vehicles to maneuver. We have also provide for other utility, safety and security operations in our warehouse.

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