3PL Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions

Anarix3 Logistics Providing You a Entire Solution For Your 3PL Needs. As a 3PL service provider, pro-connect serves as ‘third party’ facilitators between manufacturers and buyers. The services run the Forward Logistics, Reverse logistics and end-to-end logistics solutions.

Forward Logistics:

Forward logistics is the set of activities associated with the planning, implementation, and control of reaching the part, from the point of source to the point of consumption. The operations traverse various checkpoints:

Procurement: Material/Goods from the Origin, delivery and management

Global logistics: Customs at Origin; Packaging; International freighting; Insurance; Imports; Local Clearance; Transportation

Storage: Warehousing; In-House Operations; Facilities Management; Inventory Management

The 3PL Approach

  • Study customer’s processes and help re-engineer Logistics & Supply chain.
  • Offer cost-effective proposal eliminating redundant processes
  • Provide strategic sourcing support.
  • Map the requirement with best in class
  • Provide support through 3PL capabilities in Warehousing, Express transportation
  • Assign dedicated teams to undertake the following tasks
    1. o Transition
    2. o Process control implementation
    3. o Compliance of statutory requirements
    4. o Manpower recruitment/ training
  • Conduct periodic review of operations
    1. o Monitoring the process in an on-going fashion
    2. o Suggest measures for cost control
  • Conduct periodic hygiene & process audits to ensure compliance of SOP and training for process improvement
  • Evaluate performance by customer Service Level

Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics is the set of activities around delivering a defective part from the point of consumption to the point of origin

  • Single Window Solution
    1. o Return Material Authorization
    2. o DOA Warranty Replacement

End- to- End Logistics:

  • Provide restless end-to-end job, from pickup to deliver the materials.
  • Believe on transparency in operations by providing customers with end-to-end, online visibility of every shipment in real time through the Transport Management (TMS) portal right from pick-up to in-transit to delivery to e-PODs and e-bills.
  • Build a trust within the customer.

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